CALL 530-250-4400 FOR ANY QUESTIONS and just to let us know you
saw this…. and give us some feedback : )
8/3-5/2013 Cool Dirt Rail Trail Weekend in Susanville: Ride/Run/Hike/
Fish – Bizz Johnson Rails-to-Trails Hall of Fame Trail
8/3-5/2013 Cool Dirt Rail Trail Weekend in Susanville: Ride/Run/Hike/
Fish – Bizz Johnson Rails-to-Trails Hall of Fame Trail (also see GENERAL
FIRES IN THE AREA and you can view this web site: http://
OVERVIEW: Ride the Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail along the
Susan River, view rugged canyon sections, 12 bridge/trestles, 2
tunnels, shuttle. Lassen Ale Works Social, Marine Corps Breakfast,
Farmers Market. Pig Roast-Luau & Dance w/the Jason Wheeler Band at
Mariner’s Resort-Eagle Lake, Susanville Ranch Park singletrack, Full
Moon Rides, All dist/levels, rides FREE
www.bicyclebananas.com dan@bicyclebananas.com 530-250-4400
Fishing Seminar with Val Aubrey at Mariner’s Resort has been
Aug. 2nd, SYCL Ride or Run “Stretch Your Car Legs” from the drive,
easy to advanced – all levels. Meadow Loop easy, Coyote moderate
plus. Meet 6:00 pm, Ride Start 6:15 pm, 1-2 hrs, No Registration or
Fee. http://www.susanvilleranchpark.com Susanville Ranch Park (SRP),
Parking lot & park entrance, west end of Lakewood Way near Meadow
View School.
Aug. 2nd, Meet & Greet: 8-9+ pm, Lassen Ale Works at the Pioneer
Saloon 724 Main St Susanville, CA 96130 http://lassenaleworks.com/
Aug. 3rd, Marine Corps League High Sierra Det. 1068 “Community
Breakfast” 7 – 11am, $5 per person, Kids age 5 and under free,
Veterans Memorial Hall. For more information, call Don McMullen
Aug. 3rd, Lassen Land & Trail Trust “Susanville Farmer’s Market” 8am
- 12pm, Susanville Railroad Depot at 601 Richmond Rd. For more
information, call (530)257-3252 or go to llttweb.org.
Aug. 3rd, LLTT, BLM, & Lassen Rural Bus “Bike the Bizz Shuttle” 8am
check-in, Susanville RR Depot, 601 Richmond Rd. For more
information, call (530)257-3252 or go to www.llttweb.org.
The Bizz Johnson Trail is smooth gravel/dirt and follows a portion of
the old Fernley and Lassen Branch Line of the Southern Pacific
Railroad. Winding 25.4 miles between the Historic Susanville Railroad
Depot and the Mason Station trailhead, 4.6 miles north of Westwood,
the trail encounters a combination of upland forests of pine and fir,
semi-arid canyon and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
For 16 miles, the trail follows the Susan River with views of some
rugged canyon sections, crossing the river 12 times on bridges and
trestles and passes through two tunnels. There are 30, 17 & 7 mile
options with approximately 660′ climbing & 1,430′ descending on 30
mile option. Fee $5-6 for shuttle, map & info, no food included.
Arrive for check-in at 8:00 am. The shuttle to Westwood leaves at 8:30
am sharp with an optional out & back with no shuttle. Contact: Lassen
Land and Trails Trust at the Historic Susanville Railroad Depot, 601
Richmond Rd. Registration (deadline 3:00 pm Friday before the ride) &
info at www.llttweb.org or call (530)257-3252. . Bring a small light for
the tunnels, your own snacks or lunch. You can grab some fruit etc at
the farmers market. Helmets required, don’t ride dirt in
towns.Goatheads (Trails are OK!) and most everything in town,
including motels restaurants, can be easily reached by bike. Can do out
& back on your own starting any time you like.
Aug. 3, Recovery Round-up (Locally Brewed Beer), 6 pm Lassen Ale
Works at the Pioneer Saloon 724 Main St Susanville, CA http://
Aug. 4th, Susanville Ranch Park Morning Show & Go Ride & or Run, 8
am, all levels, Lakewood Way parking lot. Call Dan
Aug. 4th, Ride to Church, Community Church, http://cefchurch.com or
any church of your choice
Aug. 4th, Susanville Ranch Park After Church Show & Go Ride & or
Run, 1 pm, all levels, Lakewood Way parking lot. Call Dan
Aug. 5th, On your own to ride your favorites and then travel home.
Thank You for coming!!


SusanvilleAreaBicyclingAssociation & http://www.facebook.com/#!/
groups/SABAriders Motel & Campground List: http://
www.bicyclebananas.com Bike Shop: Bicycle Bananas, 702 Main St,
dan@bicyclebananas.com, 530-250-4400
Fall Bizz Trail Rides: BREAKFAST!!
It can be a COLD start in Westwood in October. A great strategy is to
eat breakfast in Westwood after the bus ride while it warms up.





Old Mill Cafe, 324 Birch, Westwood, CA 96137
(530) 256-3180, hours 7a-2p – 7 days a week
Review 6/3/2012: I had breakfast this morning cooked very well. I
asked our server what I should try and she recommend the biscuits & gravy they were homemade and probably
the. Best I’ve had. I would recommend this
place for a good breakfast,staff was friendly
and so were the other diners. ( I’ve been told
about how good the biscuits & gravy are a
number of times)
On the 1st Saturday of the month Susanville
has the Marine Corps League “Community
Breakfast” you could do before the bus ride.
Time is 7 – 11am, $5 per person, Kids age 5
and under free, Veterans Memorial Hall on
Main Street across from the High School & a
couple of blocks east of the turn to the south
for the Depot & Trailhead . For more
information, call Don McMullen
(530)310-4031. Thanks! Dan Brown
Susanville Cool Dirt Weekends 2013 – GENERAL
Susanville Cool Dirt Weekends 2013 GENERAL
Come to Susanville & Lassen County for a
wonderful weekend of Dirt Bicycle Riding,
Running or Hiking! Other than the Cougar
Challenge-Dirt Duathlon & Bizz shuttle $3-$6
the show & go events are free. A weekend long
schedules with many rides/runs & events, all
optional. Visitors generally have a fairly long
drive so the investment in time & gas can be
significant so. when you get here-stay two or
three days. Use the money you’d normally
spend on entry fees for motels, restaurants,
beer. If the weather is bad or you can’t come
for some reason there’s no loss. No extra fees
if you come at the last minute. Bicycle
Bananas Bike Shop: 702 Main St
www.bicyclebananas.com 530-250-4400
dan@bicyclebananas.com Dan Brown
Lassen County, CA: Located in Northeastern
California http://
www.lassencountychamber.org/ (good monthly
calendar) http://lassennews.com/ (Newspaper)


Lassen_County,_California http://
www.co.lassen.ca.us/ http://
states/06/06035.html About 35,000 population
with a land area of almost 5,000 square miles
which is 8th largest in CA, about the same as
Connecticut, twice that of Delaware and five
times bigger than Rhode Island.
Susanville, CA: Largest town approx 17,000
people http://www.cityofsusanville.org/ ,
http://www.susanvillestuff.com/ (online)
Average high temps in late July & early August
are 83 degrees, Redding is 100, Red Bluff is
98, Chico is 95 & Reno is 93. Being 10-17
degrees cooler is a great attribute &
opportunity – visitors can enjoy a cool
weekend, especially nights/mornings
Lassen Rural Bus http://
Bus-LRB.php is the public bus system. It
provides numerous opportunities for bicyclist,
hikers & outdoor lovers to shuttle all over
Lassen County! The buses have a rack on the
front for 2 bikes & can take 4 to 6 more
inside with driver’s approval. For the popular
Bizz Trail one route goes from Susanville,
through Westwood to Chester & back, M-F: 3
times a day & twice on Saturday so small
groups can shuttle any of the 17 weekly runs.
People could also take the same bus from
Chester to Westwood & start a little later or
with people who took the shuttle from
Susanville & were ridding, sight-seeing or
eating breakfast in Westwood. People who took
the bus from Chester or parked in Westwood
or Mason Station can take the bus back from
Susanville after some food & a cold locally
brewed beer at the Pioneer. Strong individuals
could ride or run most or of the trail and meet
others who have shuttled. Intermediate drop-
off points are available on this route at Devil’s
Coral & Fredonyer Pass/Summit. Special
shuttles run on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of
the month, June through October that can
accommodate 70 riders. Another route goes
just about everywhere around Eagle Lake
including Mariners Resort. As you can see
there are many great, FUN, options.
Primary Venues:
Bizz Johnson Hall of Fame National Recreation
Rail Trail http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/
eaglelake/bizztrail.html (info) http://
trailmonth/archives/0811.html (general info)


johnson-trail (general info) http://llttweb.org/
bizz (main trail head, information center,
shuttle info & registration – Susanville Railroad
Depot, 601 Richmond Rd (530)257-3252) The
trial looses almost 1,000 feet of elevation
from Westwood to Susanville so many people
like to start in Westwood, hence the shuttle to
Westwood. The “Bike the Bizz” special shuttles
run on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month
June through October. On these dates there is
capacity for about 70 people & bicycles. This
is a normally scheduled public bus for about
30 people & 6 to 8 bikes max-2 bikes on the
front rack & 4-6 inside and with the addition
of a 40 passenger bus & trailers to hold bikes
on the special weekends as needed. There is a
Farmers Market every Saturday at the Depot
June-September which is the same place
people sign-in & board the bus for the shuttle
to Bike the Bizz.
Susanville Ranch Park (SRP) http://
(general info – check this link out for sure)
1,100 plus acres, 25 miles of singletrack-hiking/multi-use trails. Trails
range from easy with gentle grades to
challenging including tough climbs & many
banked turns. Spectacular views, meadows,
woods & open landscape. The trail head &
parking lot is at the west end of Lakewood Way
near Meadow View School on the northwest
edge of Susanville. Maybe some of the west
coasts best “Secret Singletrack”.
New Local Brewery: Lassen Ale Works at the
Pioneer Saloon, 724 Main St. Susanville http://
Notes: All levels/distances, events are generally
“Show & Go” format, hopefully a few locals
attend for some direction & ?’s
Contact: Dan Brown-Bicycle Bananas Bike
Shop http://
www.bicyclebananas.com dan@bicyclebananas.com
Contact: Lassen County Chamber of Commerce,
http://www.lassencountychamber.org ,
Lights are recommended for the two tunnels
on the Bizz (thick gravel), cool evening rides &
commuting around town.
Be ready to jump in the Susan River on hot
days when you’re on the Bizz Johnson Trail
Bring a lock & cable as most everything in
Susanville – rides, motels, restaurants & beer
can be easily reached by bicycle.
Don’t ride any dirt in town.Goatheads, Trails
are generally OK! No Poison Oak : ) Helmets
Fees: FREE except Duathlon $30/$40 & bus for
local/shuttles for Bizz Johnson Trail, Eagle Lake
& etc see www.llttweb.org Organized by the
Susanville Area Bicycling Association (SABA)




BLM, Eagle Lake Field Office http://
www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/eaglelake.html (Bizz
Trail, Camping & general outdoor info)
Motels range from $40 to about $80 for most.
See posted list, may not be perfectly up to
date or call Dan 530-250-4400
Thanks! Dan


Tuesday Night Rides! Everybody on the Bizz!

Come and bike the Bizz everyone is welcome! Bike/Hike/Walk/Jog/Families, Strollers, Trailers anything you want! Dogs are welcome if they are on a leash and well behaved, and don’t forget waste bags! No mountain lions because there is to many people, so no need to worry and you don’t have to feel alone! The goal is to have enough people so there’s at least one person of a similar level or pace. It begins at 6:00 pm at the trail head across from the Historic Railroad Depot on Richmond Rd. and ends whenever you want it to, and if you would like to take the bus it leaves at 5:32 pm on the corner of Main and Gay St. across from the thrift store and it can take you to different spots along the trail. You can also join us anywhere along the way and generally you are welcome to start anytime you like from any location. If you have any questions at all please call us or stop by and we will be more than happy to help you! Thanks!